They are very hardy and do well free range as well as in confinement. Be sure to include plenty of detail, pictures if possible, and your contact information. 99. Just a peck to make the other chicken get in line then goes about its business. It is also the only hens I have ever seen face off against one another in a lengthy stare down where they stand really tall and look each other right in the eye like a dare and can be slightly scary when they do this (only seen it once) Currently Available . Croad Langshan. dozen eggs at a time and make wonderfully attentive mothers. They are strong, intelligent and active birds and chicks mature fast. Langshans For Sale Learn More About Langshans at the American Langshan Club. Fertile Hatching Eggs. The male has very long tail sickles and a well spread tail. The bantam version weighs 1lb 7oz for a hen and 1lb 11oz for a cockerel. Black Langshan As a reminder, to help ensure a safe arrival to you, the minimum number of chicks for each order prior to April 1st is 25. Listed as “threatened” by the Livestock Conservancy. Joe Oakley. Squirrel confectionery card langshan poultry k size. The Croad Langshan was imported into this country from north China by a Major Croad in 1870 Black Langshan + Blue Langshan. BIG GORGEOUS birds, super layers of big eggs, friendly and gentle, great free rangers, heat and cold tolerant, devoted mothers. Varieties: Black, Blue, & White. Our roosters are gentle giants and the hens are as sweet as can be . There are Buff Orps, Red Stars, Australorps and recently added young Jersey Giants. The breast is deep and the legs short so they make excellent and the Croad Langshan Club was formed in 1904. $100.99 $ 100. The Black Langshan chicken was first recognized as a standard breed by the American Poultry Association (APA) in 1883. Looking for the Cockral to breed my own. The first thing you may notice about the Croad Langshan is its height. Enter a brief summary of what you are selling. Cockerels weigh around 9lbs while the females are 7lbs. An up and coming breeding project, dedicated to (1464 views since 04-06-2016 05:20PM) The chicks are dark gray to smoky white. The seller will send you their contact details to arrange payment and collection. They are awesome. The breed is similar to the Black Cochin and when first introduced, it was actually classed as a Black Cochin and supporters of the Langshans are an Asiatic chicken, meaning they originate from within Asia. Zelda is the only Langshan in my flock (she is a pretty Blue Langshan). Proudly created with Black Langshan Chicken for sale at, Black Langshan Chicken are a popular producer of large brown eggs and are known for their hardiness and persistence in laying - even in hot weather. Brown shelled eggs were a rarity in England until the Victoria 3761 Australia. They cannot be delivered by the seller or by Omlet. On and after April 1st, the minimum number of chicks required is 6 for selected breeds and 15 for all other chicks. They are dual-purpose birds, slightly smaller than the Brahma and the Cochin. 2 roosters and 3 hens. The Australian Langshan was bred in Australia during the early 20th century by selective cross breeding of Croad Langshans, Orpingtons, Wakfer Chinese Langshan and Modern Langshan. I want to promote and help promote the breed in Kansas. I got 5 blue Langshan from Tractor Supply. In 1904 the Croad Langshan Club was established in Britain. 865-742-5525. They are very rare hardy birds with amazing temperments. They have a lovely nature. $20.00 shipping. please see the breeds avaialbe below on the reservation form. Like if a Red Star exerts dominance over a buff it will chase that chicken across the pen and throw in an extra peck for good measure. The Langshans will sometimes peck at any other chicken that is competing for some food it wants but never in a mean way. AustraliaListed. This to me is an important distinction and reflects the good quality of the bird. Croad Langshan For Sale | Chickens | Breed Information The Croad Langshan was imported into this country from north China by a Major Croad in 1870 and the Croad Langshan Club was formed in 1904. The Langshan is a graceful, nicely-proportioned bird with feathered legs. My hen is one of the best hens I have ever owned in 43yrs. Many believe that it is for these reasons that the Croad Langshan is very rare and thus almost exclusively bred by those who wish to keep the breed alive. Yes, you can combine different breeds! Receive a Breeders Directory each year which lists Langshan Breeders in your area who you can contact for new birds. There are 41 langshan for sale on Etsy, and they cost $277.08 on average. hatching eggs incubator temperature control digital duck/chicken egg hatching uk. The langshan fowl: chicken breeds book 8: volume 8. table birds while the hens possess a deep abdomen and produce a good number of eggs. One of the most famous MYTHS about Croad Langshans is their “plum-coloured” or "purple" egg. FREE Shipping. We do warranty chicks for 48 hours after they arrive in your care. They also know from another name Poland or well known for beautiful feather crest. You will receive four newsletters per year which keep you up to date with what is happening in the Club, poultry events, poultry information, chicken health … Weight: Cock: 4.1Kg min, Hen: 3.2Kg min. White Langshans are a large stately appearing chicken. From a week old to 6 weeks. CHICKEN COOPS FEEDERS & DRINKERS Drinkers ... Langshan The langshans come in large and bantam. 99. There is a bantam version. For very tall large heavy LF birds the ability to just jump and flap their wings to four foot height is impressive in my opinion. Langshans lay brown eggs. Our Croad Langshan bloodline is directly from Judy Gaines in Ohio. White Langshan. She came from a hatchery in Ohio. Egg Incubator for Hatching 56 Chicken Eggs with Fully Automatic Egg Turning and Humidity Control for 90W Clear Hatching Chicken Duck Goose Quail Eggs (L) 3.9 out of 5 stars 14. The beak tends to have a lighter tip and the eyes are brown. They have some feathering on their legs. Company Reg. Should you have a loss, please contact us within that window. They are unlike anything I have seen. The Croad Langshan is used to define the original breed that was imported by the Croad’s. Then you may be impressed by their friendly, calm disposition.Finally, once you visit the coop, you may be astonished to find a handful of what looks like fruit in the nesting basket! The Langshan area which means Wolf Mountain and is where these chickens take their name from. They are also long-lived birds. Langshan chicken hatcheries and breeders by variety The map above shows all Langshan varieties for sale. They do offer three bantam varieties—Black, Blue, and White. breed spent the next 35 years proving that it was a separate breed. Birds are cold hardy, can be broody and are not economical eaters. I have one Langshan hen that I have no use for. ©2019 by Spectrum Poultry. they get quite large, thier super friendly, and great mothers for chickies, they lay brown eggs , and easy keepers, they are super friendly to new chickies , harty growers, and disease free, love these birds best ever. The most common colour is black but you will also see blue and splash occasionally. I had a person PM me asking if I was going to be selling, I believe her name was Glenda, but I can't find her username, so I'm REALLY hoping she sees this post. Bantam Cock: 770 – 910g Bantam Hen: 650 – 790g Colour: Black, White. Origin: Langshan district of China. They are a heavy breed yet possess grace and they have a definite U-shaped appearance from the side because the tail is at the same level as the head. White Langshan “sports” were first produced from Black Langshan flocks in England in 1885 – these were recognized as a variety of Langshan by the APA in 1893. Chicken Breed Information - Langshan - Langshans, a rare, endangered breed from China, lays a pretty brown egg. The breed was introduced from China in the mid-19th century. © Omlet 2004, 2015. Be sure to include plenty of detail, pictures if possible, and your contact information. The first birds to reach the western world were purchased in 1871 at the Langshan Crossing near Shanghai, and sent to Major F.T. The Langshan Fowl: Chicken Breeds Book 8: Volume 8 . The Langshan is a graceful, nicely-proportioned bird with feathered legs. Laying now. The Croad Langshan is a large bird that takes a long time to mature. Care also needs to be taken as their feathered legs and feet can get matted and dirty in wet conditions Black Langshans are also from the Asiatic Class of poultry and are a pure breed that originated in China many years ago. Black Langshans are Asiatic Chickens originating in China many years ago. Fancy Feathers Chicken Farm. Originating in China, these beautiful birds are pure white when mature with dark brown eyes and slatey blue shanks. I WILL be at the Idabel poultry show on March 27 and 28. I have seen some lay plum colored eggs and some laying brown eggs. We ship chicks Priority Mail Express 1-2 day delivery in a new box with everything they need. She is the only chicken out of my flock of 8 to frequently escape the run’s 6 foot fence - she loves to fly / jump. Please note: All chickens listed here are for collection only. Number: 5028498 Do you have birds to sell? The pullets begin to lay at about 6-7 months of age. They are dual-purpose birds, slightly smaller than the Brahma and the Cochin. Mine are lilac/purple colored. The comb, wattles and earlobes are all bright red and the legs are slate grey and feathered. VAT Number: GB837106436 Pure Bred Chicks for sale. The Croad Langshan was imported into this country from north China by a Major Croad in 1870 and the Croad Langshan Club was formed in 1904. Do you have birds to sell? Croad Langshan was introduced, as it was the first Asiatic breed in this country to produce them. Croad Langhans can withstand harsh cold and hot temperatures. However, the Australian Langshan is a top contender to … so boundaries need to be secure. I wish more people would give this breed a try…. They are heavy birds so don’t fly much but are able to get over low fences so a dry environment is preferred. they would quickly become a very popular. Croad Langshan breeders generally agree that most of their birds lay large brownish or buff eggs of various … Click here to edit subtitle Home; Breed & Club History; Upcoming Club Meets; ALC Web Store & Memberships; Member show Results; Club Officers. $49.99 $ 49. With that said, she is one of the 2 easiest chickens to handle/pick up. They can fly to the top of a four foot fence with no problem only a few of the buff orps can do this and none of the other breeds are this flight capable that I have seen. Though they don’t lay that particular color all the time, these birds are capable of producing unique, p… The American Langshan Club The Original Since 1887. The name ‘Croad’ distinguishes the original type of Langshan, imported by Major Croad, which were a utility fowl of great merit, from the tall Modern Langshans which have been developed for the show pen. Croad Langshans are one of the most ancient chicken breeds. See our chicken breeds … When mature, these birds have glossy, all- black feathers that show a gorgeous green sheen The most common langshan material is … President Eddie "Cotton" Dunlap. order 6 (1-2 week old) chicks get 1 free! Create your breeder listing now! Langshan The Langshan originates from China and is probably the most popular breed in Australia. 3.4 out of 5 stars 67. Vice President. the famous 'plum-coloured' or 'purple' egg. The Croad Langshan Club was formed in Britain in 1904. Chicken Breed Information - Langshan - Langshans, a rare, endangered breed from China, lays a pretty brown egg. Chicken Stickers Current Availability Ducks ... ← Back to Poultry For Sale Croad Langshan. They are both excellent layers. We currently have available beautiful natured chicks for sale. 937-539-6153. Demonstrates the power and overall athletic agility of the breed. Create your breeder listing now! You can see from the map that only one breeder sells Langshan Bantams—that’s Kreifels Poultry in Nebraska. Warrandyte 3113. reservations must be made in advance. The Croad line of Langshans once laid a dark brown egg, but this line is not available from hatcheries (and is even rare to find from breeders). Gordon, Victoria 3345 Australia. ** chicks (1-2 weeks old & 6 weeks old) next availablity will be spring of 2021 (6 chick Minimum order 1-2 weeks old) (3 chcik minimum order 6 weeks old) spring 2021 Chick sale going on now! We stock the point of lays but not chicks or eggs. very strong … Langshan, Blue/Black/Splash. Langshans also share similarities with some other Asiatic breeds like the Brahma.These chickens have been used in the breeding of many other popular breeds that we know today such as Marans and Australorps.. They are docile, calm and graceful. Croad Langshan Chicken The Croad Langshan is an old breed of Chickens, that originated in the Langshan region in Northern China.It’s a dual-purpose bird, slightly smaller than Brahmas and Cochins.However, Croad Langshans almost surpassed the latter two species, proving themselves as excellent and multi-functional backyard chickens. They originate from Rudong, China, from an area where chickens were domesticated and bred something like 7000 or 8000 years ago. The impression is accentuated by the breed’s long legs, high tail, and regal disposition. The original version has black feathers with green beetling but there is also a White and a Blue Langshans. It is a very tall bird that has feathered legs and can boast very long wing […] Croad Langshan eggs. 8 chicks minimum to ship. My White Croad Langshan is laying purple eggs!! Huge eggs. They are docile, quiet and tolerant birds which are friendly and easily tamed and so are an excellent choice for families. These birds are very nice for showing. Varieties: Black, Blue, & White. Uses: Dual purpose utility.Eggs: 180-240 pinkish-brown. from 15.00. Hatching Eggs are shipped Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery. The Croad line of Langshans once laid a dark brown egg, but this line is not available from hatcheries (and is even rare to find from breeders). The hens are excellent sitters as they are large enough to cover a I ordered an incubator . I have three of these birds in my flock. They are tall and upright with roosters weighing 9.5 pounds. The Langshan is a graceful, nicely-proportioned bird with feathered legs. Babies are a smoky color with variations of gray, white and light yellow. My personal FAVORITE breed! It was Miss A. C. Croad, Major Croad’s niece, who established the breed in Britain. The hens lay 140-150 eggs per year. Blue Langshans are medium to dark brown egg layers and are dual-purpose. We do not warranty hatching eggs for hatchability but know that what we send you is the same quality we put in our own incubators! They are dual-purpose birds, slightly smaller than the Brahma and the Cochin. Include your state for easier searchability. The Langshans are unique in that they are top of the pecking order but not mean to the other chickens. About Croad Langshan Chickens. Quality Poultry and Waterfowl bred to Australian (4617 views since 02-15-2017 01:12PM) English Cuckoo Marans. Langshan Bantams For Sale.
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