This means you need to check whether the stacking method for items is consistent, and that each rack isn't overburdened (both in terms of the items' size and weight). It is neither meant to be exhaustive nor meant to be construed as legal advice. Building Systems. {�p"&r�����b�Q|W�5��������d�ᠸ#@iF�V��ؠ2 !Ђ�Бc@��τ E����Q���0�O�ب��]��̓����`�[4����"[-Q��GżQ@��������U�f�]E�d?����;�Kf�E5�����ȋr��-]T�Z��^��I��d8�j��"I$�J�$�>�h�E/Fԝ�t�ֵ-WT�� l�e1��zJ��ľ���1]���}�r���S��G����~�.��AZ����L�p��e�k�'\��V���O��%�>�m3��~5��b��0}����PD��[zR6��eJ����e�32�� Areas needing immediate attention should be tended to first. Record these details using the form fields below. 2.54 Are portable fire extinguishers provided? You don't need to actually inspect the machines yourself (that's what the other processes are for), but instead make sure that those checklists are being run and completed at the times they are intended to be. Condition. Congratulations - you've finished the factory inspection checklist! If your facilities aren’t properly wired, electrical surges may occur. Why a template instead of a standard checklist ? Record your findings using the form fields below. This usually means just checking that there is enough stationary for the receptionist and any potential customers to use. endstream endobj 48 0 obj <>stream Completed by: _____ Date: _____ A facility maintenance checklist is a priceless defense means to keep a building reliable and safe by periodical planning, checkups, and preservation projects.It is also referred to as a preventative maintenance checklist. Use the sub-checklist below to make sure that your basic required tools are both present and in good condition. The examples outlined below do not list all the possible items for manufacturing facilities. As such, you need to make sure that the keys for every vehicle are stored safely in the correct location. When you stay on top of upkeep, you avoid costly emergency repairs and equipment failures – all of which eat into your hard-earned budget. H��w.6SH.V0�3��@!����݃ ҋ��P�P�(�+ �A�|!�!����s��=s \�� �\� Check any decks or patios for rot or loose railings. Inspect any roof-mounted building structures including storage and workshop areas. It is the job of facility management teams to upkeep various aspects of building maintenance that get weathered by environmental conditions, worn out by frequent use or just expire because of technical capabilities … Ticking off each item on the checklist means the professional inspector verifies that each area is already in good condition and does not need further evaluation or … Creating a building cleaning checklist template can eliminate all of that potential strife. After that, record what you find in the form fields at the bottom of this task. )���wfI�l�E�T(���s;sf�!���H��h���PB�^��S��=tzǕ����������8p_�(��c�99��>�a0��_G�Ë.O�Ӱ}��O���_��r4���������/��O�h8Ѱ���M���ޕ�:�T,pAsŔ�27���+��4�I�C�����k��E�| J�3{�pN�$��z����Ӽ���6�w_�`����,3�%o�τ�Z :�}$��d`Wk� Just as with the cooler, now it's time to check that any vending machines in the reception area are fully stocked. %PDF-1.5 %���� Various aspects of a building can be inspected each month. Hence why you now need to make sure that all aisles are wide enough to allow access to the relevant personnel and machinery. Again, use the form fields below to note what you find. Record what you find using the form fields below. While this will usually involve a dedicated ventilation system, in small scale operations it might be possible to ventilate an area by just opening windows. ‍A checklist for assessing the physical security of a building by the USDA. Corridors should be clear, desks and work areas tidy, and all vehicles parked in the proper locations. Plumbing. HVAC, Heating, and Cooling. You also need to check that the warehouse is well ventilated to combat the general dust and fumes that accompany the equipment being used and the jobs being performed. A facility maintenance checklist, also called a preventative maintenance checklist, is an invaluable security tool to keep a building safe by periodical planning, checkups, and maintenance activities. So, it's now time to check both that your facility has plenty of spare pallets for incoming stock, and that those pallets are in good working order. All exterior doors and windows are secure and can be locked from inside. Benefits of facility maintenance checklist template Facility maintenance check list provides the comprehensive details about your facility and also gives details about the requirement of repair and also about the condition of the facility you have. If an aisle isn't marked (or is marked incorrectly) this could lead to confusion with where to store certain goods. Beyond fueling, all vehicles will also need keys to start them up. Now you need to record the details of the inspection itself. Include locations in your explanations of specific concerns. Again, if the cooler is running low then you need to make arrangements for it to be filled up or to have the reservoir replaced (depending on the type of cooler). Are windows and doors in need of a washing? In short, just make sure that everything is in working order, then fill out the form fields below. 70 0 obj <>stream Low pressure could mean a problem with the line or just sediment buildup in the faucet aerator. Finally, you need to make sure that any phone lines in the reception area are in working order. 0 Use N/A when appropriate. Use the form fields below to note your findings. (X) Requires Action. Facility Safety Inspection Checklist Explain all negative responses. Record your verdict and comments on the state of the equipment in the form fields below that. Information such as the date this was carried out and the location being examined will make your records clear as crystal for anyone who needs to review the inspections later. This is both to make sure that there are enough of each item to go around, and that they are in decent condition. supervisor or department safety coordinator. This means checking that the toilets flush, the soap dispensers dispense, the hand dryers dry, and the mirrors aren't cracked to the point of uselessness. This checklist is merely a guideline. Record what you find in the form fields below. Just lift up the receiver and listen for dial tone. 2.53 Is the alarm system tested and documented? Have any large potholes or cracks filled. Facilities Management Checklist is created to support facility managers who need to conduct day-to-day tasks related to maintaining a safe, healthy and organized business facility, and coordinating maintenance including reactionary and preventative services to support the working environment. %%EOF This will let anybody looking back through previous inspections see who carried them out at a glance. Flush the toilets to make sure they operate properly. Round things off by giving your final pass/fail verdict, along with any final comments to pass on. 43 0 obj <> endobj The best way to do this is by using the form fields below. Fire safety is vital in any location - warehouses are no exception. You cannot manage all those facilities without having a detailed logistics plan that envisages all routes for your patrols on the ground as well as critical spots where you should have guards set as live checkpoints. Unless everything is in its proper place and ready for use, the knock-on effect can be devastating to both your production and delivery. The checklist can be divided accordingly. Next up in the facility inspection checklist you need to make sure that everything in the bathroom works correctly. So, now you need to check that all lights work and that there are spare bulbs in case anything breaks. Use the form fields below to record what you find. Look at the condition exterior paint or siding. Again, follow the sub-checklist below and fill in the form fields in order to note down what you find. Work through the sub-checklist below to cover the basics, but remember that you can edit this to your needs if there are any other items to check. This means checking that the toilets flush, the soap dispensers dispense, the hand dryers dry, and the mirrors aren't cracked to the point of uselessness. This checklist includes checking of exteriors, roof, interior, fireplace, garage and yard. If you spot problems or anything that needs repair, you can immediately assign tasks to the appropriate team or personnel using iAuditor—even while your maintenance check is ongoing and receive updates on the status of … �.i�)�i͍�gG]�*:����Yڣ��_)��*�0F��A��IЂ3�fu���p�G�3�\\����E�o��yB��L��5����w��� ����D�&}��:]>���h�^Y��#�=J'ڦ�U7�@�T�1�9� ��s BUILDING INSPECTION CHECKLIST Environmental, Health and Safety 2012 Page 2 of 6 Stair/ Corridor Doors Fire doors shall not be chocked open unless held by magnetic door hold. Look for a full swirling drain; bubbling drains are a sign of a problem. 2.56 Do all extinguishers have a current inspection tag? Check drains for speed of drainage - a slow drain may have a clog or a blocked vent pipe. It also serves as a hazard assessment to current activities. Make sure that everything's clean, that whiteboard pens and erasers are to hand, and that the whiteboard(s) are free from damage. Following are the most common facility maintenance checklist template examples: Soffits. A building inspection checklist helps to ensure that all requirements for building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and specialty codes are being met by outlining specific items. "�?�H�9DF��cuAl� ��@��t_&�����00R������@� �B " Kicking off the actual checks in this facility inspection checklist, you need to check for any damaged surfaces. Residential Building Final Inspection Checklist. As with reception, follow the sub-checklist and form fields below to conduct a thorough facility inspection. This facility inspection checklist monitors the compliance activities that happen at a facility. It is a useful tool to ensure about the facilities provided in relation to the building maintenance for specific time … If the cooler is running low, make arrangements to refill or replace the reservoir. Much like the last few steps in this factory inspection checklist, work through the sub-checklist below to cover the basics. As with the cooler, if they aren't then you need to make arrangements to refill them. This will let your workforce get straight to the point when they return to work, rather than having to waste time searching for a pen or eraser. Whatever the format of the checklist, provide space for the inspectors' signatures and the date. Then, use the form fields at the end of this task to record what you find. This residential building final inspection checklist is used by property owners in conducting walkthrough inspection of properties, such as apartments and condominiums. Record what you find using the form fields below. FSMS Program outlines three important parts – Process Flowchart, FSMS Plan and Self Inspection Checklist as the parameters for conduction a food safety assessment. Use the form fields below to note what you find. 56 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<7217392D5E5B2C0A8B91EB44D88C0CA0><21AE538FE211B940A8A5BDAB8BA57706>]/Index[43 28]/Info 42 0 R/Length 83/Prev 110199/Root 44 0 R/Size 71/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream The number of pallets required will vary based on the size of your operation, but in general take the amount of stock you process each month and subtract the number of pallets you throw in the trash. CPC has made this form available in packs of 20 sheets. Next up you need to move to the kitchen (if your facility has one) to check the supplies in there. You may enlist all the dangers in the facility maintenance checklist to prevent the degradation and influence of the hazards on the buildings. Make notes of whatever you find using the form fields below. Use the form fields below to note down your findings. Location. Openings, Windows and Skylights. Hence why it's time to check the fire extinguishers across the warehouse. Have a look at the building maintenance checklist templates provided down below and choose the one that best fits your purpose. Inspectors: Date: (O) Satisfactory. This in itself could lead to a safety hazard. Check the condition of sidewalks and parking lots. Now you need to inspect the loading dock doors to make sure that they work correctly. Make sure everything works. Not all aisles have to be the same size (some may not need forklift access, and so can be thinner), but all need to give access to those who need it. The Facility Inspection Checklist is a fill-in form which allows inspectors to evaluate essential facility conditions to ensure compliance and safety. First up in the facility inspection checklist you need to record your details. Space is provided on the form to note the date, inspector, and location.
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