The smartphone app still has the heart system, but I expect they’ll change it soon. It is accessible to beginners in French, but also to those who already have some knowledge. I’d started using Duolingo maybe a year ago to learn Dutch and have gotten through less than half of the tree mostly because of the weak points you’ve outlined in your review. So “language expert” isn’t quite accurate, but I’ve studied and taught multiple languages over the course of many years, and this was my basis of comparison for evaluating Duolingo as a language-learning tool. A French teacher in her twenties, based in the South of France, where palm trees and beaches are part of her daily life. There wouldn’t be enough explanation if you stuck at any part. That’s how kids learn. Also, I’ve started the Spanish tree, but I still get sent to the French tree. Onto the details: Each lesson within Duolingo includes several types of exercises, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening, in both directions (both English to French, and French to English, or whatever other language you’re learning). All final “s” are silent in French (very few exceptions), since to make a sound in French you need a consonnant + a vowel. also post in in my blog. So in the end I think with the combination of these tools it’s entirely feasible to get to conversational level in a new language with less than an hour a day in under a couple months. A thorough Duolingo review after finishing all of French. There should be a silent mode. With over 1 million users worldwide Babbel is a language course worth taking note of. It reads, with a human voice, each word but NOT each sentence. Read Eytan’s ultralight packing list. They change some of the details here and there every once in a while, so I assume that’s probably what happened. What makes it so difficult? So I supplemented Duolingo with NewsInSlowFrench. Your email address will not be published. But that sentence had 10 words in it, and only 1 of them (goes) was the verb you needed to practice. I think it’s because sometimes there might be multiple verbs that would qualify as correct translations, so they can’t have just a single conjugate button at the bottom. It’s actually more clever than that, though; rather than simply providing language lessons, it’s simultaneously a translation tool. I’m about 1/3 through, and feel optimistic about being to decipher basic things when we arrive. There are plenty of sites out there, as well as instructional YouTube videos, that will help fill the gaps. Some questions have multiple correct translations, but Duolingo doesn’t know it. During the exercises, you also have the option to tap on the words and see the exact translation in English (which can be a great way to spot prepositions and adverbs): You might find this important to know that there is very little grammar explanation before each lesson. It gets incredibly frustrating, and Duolingo mostly won’t help, other than just telling you that you’re wrong. It’s been on the scene since 2012 and offers instruction in 35 different languages. Earlier lessons do this better, by the way. Sign up for Newsletter. Why not put a little more effort into the grammar lesson in the first place? Again, this is a potential problem. English would be similar to German, Danish, Swedish, and French would be similar to Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. to help train my ears to the rhythm of the language. Yeah, there are mute functions, but I wish they would function just with the phone’s mute button. But yes, it’ll work. Is Duolingo any good? But the people studying with Duolingo aren’t little kids. How does it actually contribute to language learning? […]. It has a wide range of topics, from greetings to travel and family. Duolingo is a pretty fun language learning app, and all of it for free, so why not? There’s a button if you get a question wrong that says “report a problem,” and within that, an option that says “my answer should be accepted.” This is just something that will improve with time, but it gets kind of annoying when you provide an answer that’s clearly right, and it doesn’t like it. As most of you know, French and English are two completely different languages. You need to remember these quickly, or you’ll stumble all over the place. This can be great to understand and focus on some specific points of the language that you have trouble understanding, but it is not a viable long-term solution. What Should I Expect from Duolingo’s French Course? Thanks for an excellent review; it was directly applicable to my situation. Imagine how difficult it is to have a conversation when you’re trying to remember which of these 34 verb conjugations is correct, and then saying the wrong one and ending up with a ridiculous miscommunication fiasco. .tg td{border-color:black;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;
So I can understand why they may have wanted to do away with complex grammar lessons, and rely instead on simple repetition for a more “natural” approach, but it would have really helped if they had said things like “Alright, guys. Duolingo geeft een korting van 60% voor een abonnement van 12 maanden. So I’m happy to say that I can finally provide a more thorough review than “use it.” After progressing all the way through Duolingo’s French lessons, I went straight to a French language conversational get-together organized through to see how it all worked out, and a very clear picture has emerged of what can be expected from it. I’ve been using Duolingo for French, but only for a brief time thus far. Supported Languages Although it may seem a little too repetitive for some, for others this is the best way they could learn. You use it when you’re talking about something that isn’t real. You can shut off the speaking exercises so you don’t have to talk out loud, and use headphones so you’re not disturbing anyone, but I think there should be a total-silence option, at least for the smartphone app, for those times when you don’t want to put on headphones. Great post and analysis of mens underwear. The fact that the app looks (and feels) like a game is making it really fun to use. I’ve had the mic required functions muted since September since it’s really awkward to sit in class and randomly spout sentences about a monkey and a bear eating oranges. What are nasal vowels? Got it? Just a minor hassle, but it can be done. I’m at about 40% in French and using the phone app almost always. As a French teacher, I don’t insist on teaching the grammar itself without anything else, but rather on teaching it along with everyday situations and how to apply it properly depending on the context. Yes, the vast majority of them are horrific, trite and melodramatic, or ridiculously corny (or let’s just say ‘culturally specific humor’). It seems to have doubled the rate at which I progress through these lessons. When you switch your phone out of silent, the app would talk again. I haven’t been too diligent with my studies, but so far about 8 days of 10-15 mins a day in each app has brought back most of what I learnt and forgot, and has improved my understanding somewhat, but conversational skills will take more effort. Match pictures with words, with pronunciation audio as well. Though I was rather shaky when I first spoke with other French speakers, it was obvious from those conversations that it was just a matter of running through the existing lessons to get more practice, especially as I had sped through the latter half. It is produced by the back of your tongue (and not the throat!) This can be great to understand and focus on. You can really learn a whole language with this, and quite well. Is there any way to contact them? font-weight:normal;overflow:hidden;padding:10px 5px;word-break:normal;}
Yes, Duolingo is a free app, which is great! The main issue with it, outside of the “robotic” effect, is that the pronunciation is sometimes too fast, and it makes it unclear to learners: pauses between words are too short, words are pronounced too fast and it doesn’t take into account syllable timing and stresses. Hopefully some of the powers that be will read the Forum comments and latest reviews so that thigs can be put right. Kinda! The French tree goes through regular updates, so you can learn more vocabulary and have up-to-date content, which is a big bonus. This could just be operated by the phone’s silencer switch, or whatever it’s called. French Numbers 1 to 100: How to Say and Spell French Numbers (With Audio), Master Prepositions in French in 10 Minutes. Listening to French speakers will help you notice that the French R is actually not a very strong sound. So by all means, use it. Read reviews and listen to Duolingo French Podcast on Chartable. lessons) in Duolingo French, which I did not really find. I also studied 1 year of Russian, and got some practice during trips through Russia and Eastern Europe. I hope that this review has given you the confidence and tools that you need to use Duolingo in your homeschool. Obviously it’s great to practice all sorts of words all the time, but I think in the case of verb conjugation, when you need to memorize 34 extremely similar but different verb forms and know which one to use, with perhaps a delay of 2 or 3 seconds so you’re not just standing there silently, you really need to drill them in, and I think this is where shorter, faster repetition would have been helpful. Duolingo is a fun way to learn languages, and it's free. Well, remember, nothing is really free. When you hover over an English word to get its translation, it’ll show you the word, but it won’t tell you the gender, meaning you have a 50% chance of getting the entire question wrong, sometimes because of just a single letter. So I’m comparing it to classroom learning, rather than other sites or apps (though I’ll try to add my thoughts on alternatives as I go through them). So if you’re wondering if it’s possible to learn a whole language just from a simple app, I would say the answer is an emphatic yes. It keeps you working on your French, but with English at the back of your mind (or in front of you). However, when you find the rare well-done one, it is engaging to the point of addiction. Make sure to check the junk mail folder! Duolingo has changed the vocals and… Duolingo has changed the vocals and Spanish is now awful. If for some reason you have only a week or two to prepare, get a phrasebook or a cheat sheet of simple phrases and memorize them instead. I’ve listed the most useful information to share with you, French learners, in case you were thinking about downloading Duolingo French. Sometimes those hover-hints aren’t correct, either. From what you’ve written here, I think I’ll probably end up stalling out when I get a few tenses in. So I was rather looking forward to using Duolingo, which is a totally-free language learning program that claims to be just as effective as competing (and more expensive) programs like Rosetta Stone, and even comparable to classroom lessons with teachers fluent in that language. If I hadn’t known it already from Spanish (since a lot of the grammar is the same), I think it would have been far more difficult. You probably will not be any close to fluent. I have never tried lingodeer but it has good reviews but in google was than Duolingo was in top 5 best language learners. But those accent marks are incredibly tiny. Duolingo is the most familiar and straightforward language-learning tool and 100% free. I’ve heard from some people who’ve used other language learning methods that those techniques force you to think in those other languages, rather than just translating, which requires you to go back and forth between multiple languages. It’s really inspired me to get cracking on learning that second language. Some answers should be accepted. The lessons are organized into 71 groups, like this: They turn gold after you complete them, and gradually deteriorate as time goes on, prompting you to repeat them to get more practice. Do you know how I can solve this problem? Another good example would be any time you have to learn a whole bunch of new words all at once. Duolingo’s model works by throwing you right into the exercises, so you get started reading, writing, listening, and speaking right away, and the fact that it builds on existing knowledge by adding just one or two words at a time, letting you hover over a new word so you can see what it means, all add up to a system that works extremely well. There’s also a little button that says “discussion” that appears at the bottom after you get questions wrong, where you can see user-submitted comments explaining the correct answer, and I would highly recommend making use of this as often as is necessary…but you can only see those comments after you submit your answer, and you also have to hope that some gracious Duolingo user has offered a useful explanation, instead of Duolingo just offering more thorough instructions at the beginning of each lesson. Besides, it will eventually teach you everything you need to know; I just think it would have been somewhat more practical to place a few basic introductory phrases up front, before anything else. After many years of offering free language courses to students of popular modern languages such as French, Spanish, Chinese, and German, and to people interested in learning rather more obscure languages such as Esperanto, Klingon, High Valyrian, and Navajo, Duolingo added a Latin course. Obviously those are words you’ll want to know at some point, but it seems somewhat odd that it doesn’t stack the most-used introductory phrases up front. Grammar should be taught for understanding how a language works. But that is all depending on how seriously you will take your lessons and how much effort you are willing to put in them. A little pop-up in the corner could notify you when you first open the app to let you know which mode you’re in. This is great. These include French for Portuguese speakers, English for Czech speakers, and so on. I need someone to tell me if I’m progressing correctly and not reinforcing mistakes. It is clear that this sound, Nasal vowels will come in second position in this list, as it can be a little bit easier to master their pronunciation. The exercises are pretty basic, and you are only given some tips before starting them. Better yet, they are just great stories. Duolingo was the first free language-learning app to rival expensive paid programs. pressing against your soft palate. If you just practice the existing lessons a couple more times, you’ll get that extra practice anyway. As a French teacher, I don’t insist on teaching the grammar itself without anything else, but rather on teaching it along with. After all, they do offer Duolingo Plus, which is a paid version of the app, that allows you to enjoy it without all of the ads. ), Your email address will not be published. As you select your language course, the app will ask you if you already have some knowledge or not. Hello, we provide concise yet detailed articles on "Review Choices: Duolingo - Duolingo French Review" topic. Maybe for someone Duolingo is better and for someone not. I would say Duolingo does (at the moment) have a few shortcomings, the most significant of which are its lack of basic “survival” phrases upfront, a lack of sufficient explanations for complex grammatical concepts, and a lack of repetitive drills; I would recommend resolving these issues by Googling important survival phrases if necessary, Googling explanations of complex grammatical concepts whenever you need more detail, and conducting those repetitive drills on your own. By the time I was finished, the lessons had included 1854 words, and I’ve heard that 2,000 words is the sweet spot for conversational fluency. This was one of my biggest complaints about the service, and it has been immensely improved! I like watching documentaries in Spanish, for the practice. It reads, with a human voice, each word but NOT each sentence. No joke, it can be such a headache! This is great. Well, I would say it’s off to the next language, but I really need to solidify my beginner French before moving onto the next one. Adults, on the other hand, are terrible at picking up foreign languages, but have a much easier time understanding those abstract concepts. In Romance languages, it’s a billion times more complicated, and it’s really annoying. Duolingo is a Game-like Language Learning App. French grammar has rules, just like any other language. Take a look at how many variations there are, just for a single verb, in past, present, and future: That’s a total of 34 variations, just for one verb. This means that you will actually be learning French in English. However, you will learn vocabulary and a lot of it. Today I’m starting Italian. Especially when a part of the tree will have 5-10 individual lessons just for random vocabulary that need to be completed to move along. Duolingo’s audio system for French is actually good. So if you find yourself running into grammatical difficulties like these, just look them up elsewhere. I’m very grateful to Duolingo for giving me this chance for self-enrichment without spending money I couldn’t spare. I was hoping to see a little bit more of those. Duolingo is a pretty fun language learning app, and all of it for free, so why not? Loved your review. It can’t do this all the time (particularly if your answer is just totally off), but I like that it’s sometimes able to give specifics, instead of just marking it wrong: It also has a number of game-like elements, including leveling up, XP, bonus levels, rewards, and competitive rankings so that you can compare your progress with a friend’s (which allegedly increases your likelihood to use the program by quite a bit). This means that you will have almost no information regarding the grammar used to form the sentences you are learning. Not enough for reading a legal document or comprehending flowery poetry, but enough to be conversational and have a good time. Let’s take a deeper look at how Duolingo is a useful language learning app. I don’t have access to the app on a smartphone (mines a brick), but I think that if the settings are changeable on the computer, it should be possible on the app (don’t take my word). I’m using Duolingo and Fluent Forever on Ankidroid. *peek. This means that there are not a lot of similarities between the two of them. Tiny accent mark letters. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It’s still great for practice, as you can solidify existing skills, but once you get all the way through the lessons, it’s time to go hang out with French speakers and watch some French movies. One of the most annoying things about Romance languages is that nouns have gender, even if they’re inanimate objects, so you have to remember that something is called he or she instead of just it, which also affects the adjectives used to describe those nouns, because they have to match. This is actually a very recent modification; it used to have Legend of Zelda style hearts, and if you lose all three of your hearts, you had to start the whole lesson all over again. I have a working knowledge of Spanish, but had literally negligible knowledge of French when I started using Duolingo for French about two months ago, in preparation for a vacation to Paris that starts in a couple of weeks.
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