Why have a FDSB filter, anyway? There are three basic approaches for starting an aquarium with live sand: If you have a new aquariumin the initial stages ofthe nitrogencycling process or one that's still in the process of completing its cycle, you can use the seeding method to kick-start or speed up of this transition. Hello:) I just joinedI have 2-ACF about 2 years old - Bobber and Wobber - both girls What is wrong with my African Dwarf Frogs nose?! Stoney River White Aquatic Sand Freshwater and Marine Aquariums, 5-Pound Bag 4.5 out of 5 stars 386. Due to the complexities and variations in method and technique of aquarium keeping, the manufacturer, distributor, and vendor accept no No stirring up of the sand required 8. CaribSea Ocean Direct Caribbeann Live Sand made of 99% Biogenic Aragonite, some bivalve mollusk & other mollusk shells & other stuff I can't spell (feels like wet sand in a bag to me) - 2 20# bags - one says "Pacific Black Reef" (may be the color - it's darker/salt&pepper colored, the other is cream) There is simply no better, no more spectacular way to aquascape your marine or reef aquarium. Here are some suggested amounts of live sand to use from noted experts: As you can see, there is some variation among the recommended amounts, and, indeed, different tanks will need different amounts. Add Items To Cart (0) Frag Zone, 2.25 lb. The sand has a beautiful velvety look and happily supports plant life as well as aquatic. Recommended types ofdetritivoresinclude hermit crabs,shrimp, crab, sea urchins,seacucumbers, andstarfish, For sand-sifting fish, trygobies, mandarin fish, or jawfish. Just like with live rock, some die-off will take place during shipping, and the live sand will most likely go through a cycling process of some kind. Silicates cause algae problems, and once introduced are next to impossible to remove. Add the live sand slowly to prevent excessive clouding of the water. Its fine round grains pass easily through the gills of gobies and other sand-sifting organisms. The only limits for its use are your imagination! Use a 50/50 combination of live sand (new store-bought sand or used sand from an established aquarium) and non-living sand. CaribSea Rubble Zone - High quality aragonitic calcium carbonate in a small rubble size, perfect for your fragging projects, a jawfish or firefish habitat, creating a cryptic zone or, on the freshwater side; use it as a pond filter media or for your African Cichlids. 20 lbs #00832 CaribSea's ,Freshwater Substrates 20 lbs Style: CaribSea Instant Aquarium Moonlight Sand Gravel Take the guess work out of establishing an aquarium with CaribSea Instant ,Caribsea Instant Aquarium Moonlight Sand in Beige (40 lbs) (Set of 2) Caribsea If you are using live rocks in the tank, do not pour the sand onto the rocks, as this will smother the live rock and cause oxygen depletion. The aquarium should include inhabitants that will stir or turn over the live sand. There are many little-known benefits to having a deep sand bed in your freshwater tank: 1. Live Rock Kilos: 10Kilo, 1Kilo, 20Kilo, 2Kilo, 3Kilo, 4Kilo. All sand eventually becomes live over time, due to the. What makes it live is the microscopic biological bacteria that grows on it, and the many tiny crustaceans and other micro and macro-organisms that reside in it. CaribSea. Once you've cycled a tank, you've got all the "live stuff" that you. Carib Sea ACS05820 Super Natural Moonlight Sand for Aquarium, 5-Pound 4.5 out of 5 stars 526. Deep beds of aragonite have limited water flow and can for a denitrifying biological filter. 141428. For an aquarium that has been running for some time, seeding can also enhance the strength of its existing biological filter base. Also make sure that the animals you choose are not toxic, like some cucumbers are, or otherwise hazardous to other tank inhabitants. Thesand bedbecomes too thick, which allows unwanted dissolved organic compounds to get trapped, contributing to the growth ofundesirable micro-and macro-algae. I don't think it's necessary. SAVE Loyalty points now available with every purchase! What makes it live is the microscopic biological bacteria that grows on it, and the many tiny crustaceans and other micro and macro-organisms that reside in it.