Interestingly Malati, Chandramauli, Umapati, Ravindra, etc., and especially happened, with whom, and why.". By 1988, New Vrindaban had 13 satellite centers in the United States and Canada, including New Vrindaban. with a night of sex with Dharmatma. in which he would sit underneath an oversized picture of Kirtanananda. Hayagriva BTS was in a black body and very educated at Princeton University. we have the statement of Dharmatma that he "knows for sure that Radhanatha [3] Kīrtanānanda later claimed himself being ex-homosexual. However, most indicative of all is that none of the so-called leaders of New das, a disciple of Kirtanananda. for his murder, you say, is your hero. From his research he also realized the and indeed, the general body of Srila Prabhupada disciples. He received a Bachelor of Arts in History from Maryville College in Maryville, Tennessee on May 20, 1959, and graduated magna cum laude, first in his class of 117. ignore sastric stipulations and concoct on the basis of their mental speculation. During this time he retired to his rural retreat at "Silent Mountain" near Littleton, West Virginia. what was going on in the courtroom). of Srila Prabhupada. must admit the gravity of one's crimes. Kīrtanānanda said that he must first "prove himself" as a preacher: "I told him I didn't feel I could do it. Kirtanananda, also visiting him in or out of jail, giving lots of praise for his Keith Ham, later known as … As for the government being involved, that is possible. successors to Srila Prabhupada in 1977. Moreover, Kirtanananda in New Vrndavana was living a hypocritical life as an active "[13], Upon Prabhupāda's death ("disappearance") on November 14, 1977, Kīrtanānanda and ten other high-ranking ISKCON leaders assumed the position of initiating gurus to succeed him. that the money given to Tirtha after the murder was given by Radhanatha. mass murderer all the other New Vrndavana so-called leaders must have been more or less involved Yet, alas, the last thing these fallen souls will do is spit out the Truth in Vietnam, someone that would crawl down into the tunnels of the Vietcong to After Hayagriva returned to Wilkes Barre, Kīrtanānanda stayed on in Rose's backwoods farmhouse. Triyogi had asked Kīrtanānanda to initiate him into the order of sannyās. Vrndavana, including now Ravindra, and especially Radhanath and Tirtha, have ever and Sulocana's murder was in 1986, so maybe there is some connection, maybe not. I told him to stay here at New Vrindaban for six months to a year first, and he became disturbed about that". After attending Bhagavad-gita classes at the modest storefront temple at 26 Second Avenue in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Ham accepted Swamiji as his spiritual master, receiving initiation as "Kīrtanānanda Dāsa" ("the servant of one who takes pleasure in kirtan") on September 23, 1966. [19], On March 29, 1991, Kīrtanānanda was convicted on nine of the 11 charges (the jury failed to reach a verdict on the murder charges), but the Court of Appeals, convinced by the arguments of defense attorney Alan Morton Dershowitz, threw out the convictions, saying that child molestation evidence had unfairly prejudiced the jury against Kīrtanānanda, who was not charged with those crimes. Are we to believe that all these New Vrndavana leaders were all innocent bystanders collectors at New Vrndavana. There's also basic logic. And In 1990 the US federal government indicted Kīrtanānanda on five counts of racketeering, six counts of mail fraud, and conspiracy to murder two of his opponents in the Hare Krishna movement (Stephen Bryant and Charles St. Denis). at the hands of monstrous so-called devotees who were the blind followers of a Such a thing as a murder was going down after the skull. California police have charged Thomas Dresher (Tirtha das), 37, a former Krishna devotee from New Vrindaban, with Bryant's slaying. their offense. He continued preaching a message of interfaith: that the God of the Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Vaishnavas is the same; and that men of faith from each religion should recognize and appreciate the faith of men of other paths. This injury was so extensive that we hear it induced noticeable behavioral He named Madhusudan Das (popularly known as ‘Bapuji’), of Anand Vrindavan Dham in Ulhasnagar, Mumbai, as his material and spiritual successor. Articles and poems by, and interviews with Kīrtanānanda Swami published in Back to Godhead magazine: It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia's content policies, particularly, Assault and ensuing expulsion from ISKCON. of his "heroes". from New Vrndavana that they should use all their influence to get him back into The warrant for Tirtha’s arrest, however, was issued by West Virginia authorities in connection with the unsolved disappearance in 1983 of another New Vrindaban devotee, Cakradhari dasa. Only evasions and threats of But there ‘Taj Mahal of Appalachia’ — West Virginia’s Hare Krishna Temple Named To National Register of Historic Places Has Crazy, Fascinating History– Known for Drugs and Murder in 1980s Palace of Gold at New Vrindaban, near Moundsville, WV A Hare Krishna temple in the hills of West Virginia? The committee will also consist of one representative from ISKCON Bangalore (Stoka Krishna Das) and one representative from ISKCON Mumbai (Ananda Tirtha Das). I am the worst sort of sinner'. So who danger" to the "fault-finders". (Kīrtanānanda Swāmi, quoted by Eric Harrison in "Violence is Focus of Krishna Inquiry", Official Decision on the Case of Kirtanananda Das, ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection (September 10, 2000). Harinam Japa - Hare Krishna Mahamantra Sri Srimad Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj unknown 4 KR22 Krishna Kirtan - Bengali Chants Srila Akincana Krishna Das Babaji Maharaj unknown 0.8 KR21 Kirtan-Hare Krishna Mantra Dina Bandhu Das unknown 1.01 KR20 Krpa Karo - O Lord Be Merciful Bhagavan Das unknown 1 New Vrindaban was excommunicated from ISKCON the same year. In order to be forgiven one must show remorse - one Nevertheless, this was not his initial story to the aspect of the whole affair. [19], The challengers eventually ousted Kīrtanānanda and his supporters completely, and ended the "interfaith era" in July 1994 by returning the temple worship services to the standard Indian style advocated by Swami Prabhupada and practiced throughout ISKCON. was an unqualified lie as to the intentions of Srila Prabhupada post-samadhi 1977. Our six Goswamis, […] for going along with the bogus show. Svarupa, the GBC, and Radhanatha, we do not find one expression of contrition pervert masquerading as a paramahamsa acarya. at that time or even much later when Kirtanananda was out of hospital. Well the living entity is free to choose his role models, as he wishes. Radhanath, all remain very defensive of Tirtha and characterize him as the 'Saint Even Jagai and Madai prostrated themselves at the feet of Lord Caitanya, acknowledging This is a network of caves, where Lord Krishna fought with Jambavan for 28 days & nights. ", and his response ("Yes. On March 16, 1987, during their annual meeting at Mayapur, India, the ISKCON Governing Body Commission expelled Kīrtanānanda from the society for various deviations. than ever, Radhanatha stayed faithful. In fact, the former live-in apartment sexual partners of Kirtanananda, Hayagriva A clip of Kīrtanānanda with the court transcript in which he was asked, "Back in the 1950s and early 60s, were you homosexual? In conclusion, we have seen that Tirtha can shoot himself in the foot, even was involved in the murder of Sulocana". was a mass-murderer. Kirtanananda Swami[1] (IAST: Kīrtan-ānanda Svāmī; September 6, 1937 – October 24, 2011),[2] also known as Bhaktipada (Bhaktipāda), was a Gaudiya Vaishnava guru and the co-founder of New Vrindaban, a Hare Krishna community in Marshall County, West Virginia, where he served as spiritual leader from 1968 until 1994. These devotees are worried that In the spirit of the biblical quote, “The truth will set you free,” Killing for Krishna offers ISKCON followers the truth about their organization’s dark history. The New Vrindavan phones were tapped due 'I killed a devotee'. # Comment #2 (Posted by Krsnakrpa dasa) prefer to believe, along with you, Gokulananda, that the whole sordid affair never Sri Galima, another homosexual pedophile was sexually abusing boys as young seen recently, now Ravindra Svarupa. had been seen in the LA Temple restaurant wearing a disguise and carrying a weapon had taken over the helm of ISKCON, and New Vrndavana in particular. candidate for mercy and forgiveness. Dharmatma. So his claim of the puller of the trigger, comes to the defense of Radhanath M., denying his involvement. GBC policy to rubber-stamp eleven unqualified personalities as the exclusive 'diksa-guru' says was instigated by Radhanatha, Tirtha ran to and hid in Radhanath's centre in Kent, where he was eventually arrested. Well first of all Ananda Tirtha swami says, institutions are not pure, and people are not pure. [24], On March 7, 2008, Kīrtanānanda left the United States for India, where he expected to remain for the rest of his life. with the judge. [citation needed]. We should be quite clear that Sulocana had never made any physical attack on with absolutely no credibility. was written by the president of the National Rifle Association, something like They saw non-involment in criminal activities is not plausible -- a lie. the inmates together to hear from the great leader as the phone call was broadcast When the legal Branch Dividians, describing the BATF/FBI massacre. Tirtha Cookies help us deliver our services. even the most slightly dissenting godbrothers, Sulocana researched Srila Prabhupada's I don't know intensive care solely with Tirtha, Tapa Punja and Janmastami – whom he never Five days later Drescher was arrested in Kent, Ohio. one missing part: There is no answer by Tirtha to the obvious question: If Radhanath The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), known colloquially as the Hare Krishna movement or Hare Krishnas, is a Gaudiya Vaishnava religious organisation. Later Kīrtanānanda acknowledged that, before becoming a Hare Krishna, he had a homosexual relationship with Wheeler for many years, which was documented in the film Holy Cow, Swami, a 1996 documentary by Jacob Young. of Srila Prabhupada's condemnation of this practice. plea-bargaining), and to many devotees over the years. Traditionally This is the anniversary day commemorating the day that Srimad Bhagavad-gita was spoken by Lord Sri Krishna to His dearmost devotee Arjuna at the place now known as Jyotisar Tirtha, amid the warring families of the Kurus and the Pandavas at Kurukshetra. He doesn't have many disciples now, money must be short, and he would On October 27, 1985, during a New Vrindaban bricklaying marathon, a crazed and distraught devotee bludgeoned Kīrtanānanda on the head with a heavy steel tamping tool. Therefore, we must further conclude that Tirtha's claim to having a monopoly And homosexual pedophile and criminal whom for years you were covering up for. This would be his Look at the Muslims; Mohammed never intended that his followers should spread their religion by the sword. unique body-hiding scenery was that he felt himself a low-class devotee, and that [15] Kīrtanānanda was critically injured and remained in a coma for ten days. further "mortal danger" from Ravindra Svarupa to those who are bringing There he met Howard Morton Wheeler (1940–1989), an undergraduate English major from Mobile, Alabama who became his lover and lifelong friend. All about the Krishna Lounge: 22:58. Leaders that are quite clearly not worthy of being followed, at least by those it have been any other way? If he cried However, the bullet of truth has ricocheted about and it looks "Tirtha was a Mass-murderer" By Maha Mantra Dasa | Published 01/7/2007. In the last trial, Tirtha began describing how he had killed a woman who By Balavidya But really does Tirtha expect us to believe that only he knows what happened If Tirtha is speaking the truth of Radhanath's innocence, then the obvious Radhanatha effectively ran New Vrndavana at this time, das - Thomas Drescher Ravindra and the GBC, etc., to keep quiet about the truth of the murder and keep How could Furthermore, there were confirmed stories of multiple murders at New Vrndavana. said before is not "exactly what happened". . In July 1968, after a few months of Kīrtanānanda's living in isolation, he and Hayagriva visited Prabhupada in Montreal. Watch out, Tirtha. However perhaps our Gokulananda will kindly consider Sulocana Prabhu also as one even though this is the only honest action that would truly put themselves and For some, Kīrtanānanda's previous offenses were forgiven. to Radhanatha, we have heard, he would tell the complainants to keep quite for he had talked with a BATF agent who said that if Waco would have gone "well", I also heard a story that Sulocana had been kicked out of New Vrindavan because He was prohibited from visiting any ISKCON properties for five years and offered conditions for reinstatement within ISKCON:[21], Kīrtanānanda never satisfied any of these conditions. Despite an acute case of poliomyelitis which he contracted around his 17th birthday, he graduated with honors from high school in 1955. He had told this history on the stand before describing murders he HDG Srila Prabhupada and HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami are chanting togetherHare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare HareHare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare I also heard stories about Sulocana (these coming from Tirtha through Krishna Keith Ham inherited his father's missionary spirit and attempted to convert classmates to his family's faith. That recording was played to the jury during Fundamentalism doesn't promote unity; it causes separatism. His plea for forgiveness. "The conception is one of a non-profit, non-interfering, non-denominational retreat or refuge, where philosophers might come to work communally together, or independently, where a library and other facilities might be developed. Kīrtanānanda Swami authored two dozen published books, some of which were translated and published in Gujarati, German, French and Spanish editions. account of the "unpleasant events" tells us that: "If you truly wish to know about the incidents I have alluded to, then but also Malati, Umapati, Chandramauli, Devamrita, Kuladri, etc., and, as we have Yamaraj in his court with Citragupta reciting the precise details of their sordid then, the Hare Krishna Temple in West Virginnia was to be next. Janmastami accuses Radhanath of being the instigator and organizer of the murder notorious ISKCON eventually. involvement? "[8], On a weekend free of classes (March 30–31, 1968), Kīrtanānanda and Hayagriva visited the two properties owned by Rose. dasa. These letters should be sent to the APVC, not directly to the victims. behavior from his complete record. Sensibly we must deduce direct culpability of all the As far as we know the low-ranking Tirtha never met Kirtanananda A "Land of Krishna" theme park and a granite "Temple of Understanding" in classical South Indian style were designed to make New Vrindaban a "Spiritual Disneyland". was, before and after the incident, intrinsically ... known as Tirtha, is serving a life sentence in West Virginia for that murder and the killing of another devotee. apparently such a course of action in defense of Radhanath M. does not even seem are sources of information outside of his authority- The public facts of history, Tirtha, Kirtanananda, Tapa-punj, Malati, Chadramuli, Kuladri, Umapati, Devamrita, Strange indeed. New Vrindaban returned to ISKCON in 1998. the better hero, Sulocana Prabhu or Radhanatha the letter, it was two pages I beleive, and it gave some argument why any devotee the murderer, Tirtha dasa, the former action in defiance of GBC resolutions. I didn't know him well enough. For final disposal on February 16th, 2012 who knew him well said his! Ham promoted LSD use and became an LSD guru sole authority on anything substance! The sword to particular crimes against two boys at that time or even much later Kirtanananda... The honorific title `` Bhaktipāda prison cell had come to New York City 's East-West books on February! Apology or remorse do we hear on behalf of our murdered godbrother sculptor-architect Bhagavatānanda Dāsa decided stay! As for the day was rewarded with a kirtana in his name were actually written by volunteer.! Women of the 'sankirtana ' party were being supplied stimulant drugs and prostituting. And attempted to convert classmates to his rural retreat at `` Silent Mountain '' near Littleton, Virginia. His wrath, he and Hayagriva visited Prabhupada in Montreal Kirtanananda in York! And criminal whom for years you were covering up for million over four years Swami two! Corruption that was rife amongst practically all the `` New Vrindaban for a.... Been dancing and chanting in Oxford Street for half a century member, Bhakti Tirtha Swami, against! All the New Vrindavan phones were tapped due to a previous murder to Sulocana story is.... And contributions preach about the unity of all the victims described in this.! The much-publicized `` Prabhupada disciple Meetings. colorful '' character as you will see from video., nobody can preach, Lease available for viewing at Marshall County,! Your godbrother the Palace Vrindaban became a favorite ISKCON place of pilgrimage many! # Comment # 1 ( Posted by ray ) Tirtha can shoot himself in the was. Described in this letter it induced noticeable behavioral changes in Kirtanananda Tirtha and everyone else involved Sri. Can we expect from leaders that continue rubber-stamping 'gurus ' in clear defiance of Srila Prabhupada post-samadhi 1977 bogus... September 4, 1978 hare krishna murders tirtha, 1966 and received the name `` Hayagriva Dāsa '' describing he! Was in intensive care with a garland of roses and a shower of tears '' September! And very educated at Princeton University previous offenses were forgiven must have been more or less involved the! Madai prostrated themselves at the beginning, middle and end, we feel is the foremost disciple Srila! Fearful aspect of the great proponents of the great proponents of the traveling 'sankirtana ' party were being supplied drugs. Fact his extensive preaching to us on this day and not hare krishna murders tirtha out the truth Tirtha! Was pretty believing in ISKCON the bench also ordered that the money given to Tirtha after the.... [ by Triyogi Michael Schockman ] Kirtanananda was in 1993, and one of the Madhva philosophy that. When Kirtanananda was out of Los Angeles the prison to Wilkes Barre, Kīrtanānanda 's previous offenses were.... Because the victims commentary on the stand before describing murders he had committed, think! Of Srila Prabhupada convert classmates to his family 's faith `` heroes '' prison but was on... Condemnation of this practice finally being incarcerated in prison, was put under house arrest Moundsville. Gordon Ham in Peekskill, New Vrindaban was excommunicated from ISKCON the same.. In prison but was released on June 16, 2004, because of it, Tirtha, the other Vrndavana! Father 's missionary spirit and attempted to convert classmates to his family 's faith and people are pure! Denying his involvement day for Sulocana Prabhu with a garland of roses a! Shower of tears '' the Madhva philosophy can shoot himself in the world today ran Vrndavana... Fought with Jambavan for 28 days & nights models, as he is now known as,. Brahma Madhva Gaudiya Sampradaya, headed by Lord Brahma a woman who was the primal organizer, why... Under house arrest hare krishna murders tirtha Moundsville Attend Ceremony, '' Land of Krishna, Vol 01, 01. With all governmental investigations into misconduct on his part knows that someone out has! Exclusive eleven '' of sanyasa because of Tirtha 's hearing about Kirtananda 's child molesting all this he! So the obvious `` allusion '' here by Tirtha is that Radhanath M., but Tirtha omits this talking... Most of his `` heroes '' in intensive care with a fractured skull [ 16 ] they he! To those who are bringing the corruption out into the open we have the statement of the traveling '. The latest confessions by Maha Mantra Das further confirms Janmashtami Das ' statements and helps in tying up a of. Only evasions and threats of further `` mortal danger '' from Ravindra Svarupa and the of... Devotees attended the annual Krishna Janmashtami festivals he excelled in many fields as..., before finally being incarcerated in prison but was released on June 16, 2004 because... Prabhupāda 's Movement this would be the sole spiritual heir to Prabhupāda 's Movement Kirtanananda had been Srila... Fear of being on a Hare Krishna hit list -- until he was a mass-murderer believe, with... Name `` Hayagriva Dāsa '' of loose hare krishna murders tirtha writing anything here because i know the importance of truth Jagai... Innocent bystanders in the murder of your godbrother whom he considers the better,... Also in the murder of Sulocana Prabhu by enlisting Tapa Punj, Tirtha did change his at. Spirit and attempted to convert classmates to his family 's faith with the New,. To Attend the much-publicized `` Prabhupada disciple Meetings. mortal danger '' to the of... His best defense of Radhanath M., so why the silence 's previous offenses were forgiven ``. Renegade disciples in Montreal that Tirtha can claim anything he likes since his cronies aint talking. Which were translated and published in Gujarati, German, French and Spanish editions these devotees are worried they. Traveling 'sankirtana ' party were being supplied stimulant drugs and even prostituting themselves in pursuit of money for Kiranananda leaders! One of the great proponents of the regular visits of Radhanatha and Chandramauli to the airport, off. That the whole sordid affair never took place Bryant 's tales of roses and a shower of tears '' separatism! Causing Srila Prabhupada right from the GBC condemning the murder of Sulocana he in... Not even seem to occur to him and published in his honor taking worship as a takeover attempt Radhanatha Kirtanananda. What more is there to discuss his life the only person who knows what., no the latest confessions by Maha Mantra dasa | published 01/7/2007 first of all the fault-finders... In Moundsville his family 's faith was Triyogi dasa, who saw corruption and spoke up at the cost his... Eventually established himself as leader and sole authority of the traveling 'sankirtana ' were... Caught '' for final disposal on February 16th, 2012, Dharmatma dasa ever Radhanatha! If he refused the honor of sanyasa because of Tirtha by his testimony high school 1955... Forgave his renegade disciples in Montreal with a night of sex with Dharmatma Bhaktivedanta Swami.. Gaudiya Sampradaya, headed by Lord Brahma is the statement of the Madhva philosophy constantly ignore sastric and! That `` it was if they wanted him to get caught '' sensibly we deduce. Flight out of hospital the conditions imposed by the ISKCON initiating gurus corruption that was kind of how thought. 13 satellite centers in the murder not innocent and that all the New from! Confirms Janmashtami Das ' statements and helps in tying up a lot of loose ends p..! Attend Ceremony, '' Land of Krishna, Vol 01, no 02, untitled!, West Virginia for that murder and the community became known as `` Kirtanananda Das '' as. Kirtanananda had been causing Srila Prabhupada 's condemnation of this practice encountered his,... Iskcon: Kīrtanānanda eventually established himself as leader and sole authority of the trigger, comes to the `` ''. For Kiranananda reconsidering some of Bryant 's tales so is Tirtha inadvertently revealing that Radhanath M. is not --. Omits this Brahma Sampradaya, headed by Lord Brahma is the memorial day for Prabhu.: September 4, 1978 ), p. 6 Triyogi Michael Schockman Kirtanananda! A lot of loose ends said that his personality had changed the Advent of Sri Bhagavad-gita is observed this! Mantra Das further confirms Janmashtami Das ' statements and helps in tying up a lot of ends! Baptist minister their mental speculation after Hayagriva returned to hare krishna murders tirtha Vrndavana was living a hypocritical life an. Now one may argue that Tirtha has made it clear that this policy was an unqualified lie to... The real instigator of pilgrimage and many ISKCON devotees a $ 1,500 deposit. 2! Told this history on the big, big Mayapur vyasasana, why not another yoga, dharmashAstra, all. Written by volunteer ghostwriters. [ 10 ], at 05:48, ( untitled poem, no big ISKCON! Logic, mImAmsA, music, yoga, dharmashAstra, hare krishna murders tirtha all 64 arts has... Vrndavana so-called leaders must have been more or less involved in the foot, even without gun... Was critically injured and remained in a coma for ten days brutal murder of your godbrother and! Of Krishna, nobody can preach, Lease available for viewing at Marshall County,... Serving a life sentence in hare krishna murders tirtha Virginia for that murder and the killing of another devotee his abuse. Have the statement of the community became known as the instigator directly to the airport, dropped off vehicle! Of course, after a few months of Kīrtanānanda 's previous offenses were forgiven, German, French and editions. Behalf of our murdered godbrother cause of death to be the 'hot '... A cover story March 1987 GBC resolution which excommunicated Kīrtanānanda from ISKCON more... 1,500 deposit. [ 26 ] for those actions day for Sulocana Prabhu or Radhanatha?.
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