What do you name your tracks? It seems like it’s becoming a standard in television and film, but I have no way of confirming that. While we offer the same licenses for commercial and editorial content our representations and warranties for commercial content differ from those extended to editorial content. 7. Welcome, Pond5 Artists! All Pond5 licenses are royalty-free and can be used for personal or business projects with worldwide distribution, forever. License stock music and background music ... 2,977 stock music clips and loops. Which country do you have residency with? I’m confused. Pond5: A Timeline March 2006 If you ever have any difficulties, you can always contact me for help or check out the forums. Stefan! That’s why Pond5’s license has always had you covered, and today, we’re taking things even further with the introduction of our new extended licenses. You can determine for yourself which platform suits your production style the best. Stream Sunrise - Royalty Free Music | Pond5 by Royalty Free Music from desktop or your mobile device. November 30, 2016 / … To buy music licenses for songs you can visit these sites: Footage Music Sound Effects After Effects Images 3D Models. Community, Pro Tips How to Choose the Right Royalty-Free License on Pond5. You also keep 100% of the profits and it’s really fun to make business deals as a musician (I’m really an entrepreneur at heart). The reason is very simple and is as follows… If one of your potential buyers were to license your music and use it in their YouTube video, what do you think would happen? If you’ve enjoyed this guide, I would really appreciate you spreading the word to another musician/music producer. You’re right, Pond5 would be a great way to start monetizing it. Discover high quality tracks and loops in the Pond5 stock music library. (Instrumentation? Now that we’ve become familiar with Pond5’s methods of operation, let’s take a look on the other side of the pond (full pun intended). | Decibel Peak Academy, Featuring a specific genre or a hybrid of two. Unless we’re on the same boat, I recommend registering with either BMI or ASCAP. I believe the quality is good but content is lost in the sea. I’m glad that my website’s mission is clear to my readers. Statistically speaking, you’ll be getting tracks accepted much more easily on Pond5. How can we help your project? *, Frequently used with sizzle reels, social media and similar projects, Frequently used with tv broadcasts, regional advertising and similar projects, Frequently used with feature films, national advertising and similar projects, Download can be used by 1 individual on your team, Download can be used by 5 individuals on your team, Download can be used by everyone on your team. Pond5 licenses stock footage, stock music, stock photography sound effects, after effects, images and 3-D models. Easily find all the current events and archival content you need for your production with a simple license … This is an awesome opportunity. Community, Pro Tips How to Choose the Right Royalty-Free License on Pond5. Download and buy high quality tracks. Music & Sound Effects: Revenue share for these media types is 35%. This is really great here and thank you so much for sharing out here. Music & Sound Effects: Revenue share for these media types is 35%. I hope that helps, feel free to reach out if you need anything else. Commercial content is generally available for advertising, promotional, merchandising or other commercial uses. Playlists containing Before The Battle - Royalty Free Music | Stock Music | Pond5 More tracks like Before The Battle - Royalty Free Music | Stock Music | Pond5 License: all-rights-reserved Either way, you’ll need to have your music heard by industry professionals and, The most difficult part is getting started… If you want to get better at music production, you’re going to need discipline. However, websites like Pond5 allow you to sell licenses to your music to get it on television, for instance. And finally, I’m still a little bit confused about ISRC and ISWC codes. Many customers choose to purchase additional indemnification for their content depending on the audience and purpose of content use. 9. We also offer Pond5 Publishing, an optional free music publishing service that collects performance royalties on your behalf. If you ask me, the simple answer to that question is YES. It’s not necessarilly the easiest method, but I really like having complete control over my assets. This is very confusing concept for me, music is royalty free but then again royalties are collected? If you’re convinced that Pond5 is right for you, let’s find out how to prepare your music. All contributors licensing their content on Pond5 receive an industry-leading revenue share. Besides the commissions you’d earn from Net License Revenue, you’d also earn royalties each time your music is used. That’s where you’d include the specific name you gave it on Pond5. We’re learning how to LICENSE music on Pond5 because we’re not dealing with typical consumers. Federico Soler Fernández. In other words, your music would be stuck in their catalog and you wouldn’t be able to distribute it anywhere else (YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc…). To elaborate on what I mentioned earlier, yes, Pond5 is royalty-free. If you keep your deals non-exclusive, you could actually try both simultaneously and have nothing to lose. Can you use digital rights management services with Pond5? Of course, I’m talking about focusing on royalties rather than commissions! I really appreciate and like what you are doing. If you do have songs registered with one of these databases though, I would try to get them out. However, rest assured that Pond5 is NON-EXCLUSIVE which means you can withdraw your music at any point. 2 originals. See our Policy to change cookie preferences on your device. ISWC should be provided by your PRO, but ISRC/UPC codes are usually generated once you release your music through streaming services and whatnot. Upload. When it comes to commissions though, AudioJungle is better since they give you 45% of your earnings (10% more than Pond5). Education. I love Pond5! That’s because YOU’RE responsible for your own marketing, not them. Your PRO issues a different code called the ISWC. We also need to consider that most exclusive libraries give you 0% of Net License Revenue. I’m glad that you found the article usueful! Contact our creative partners at. News & Reviews. You can license my music at Pond5 or AudioJungle and use it for YouTube videos, TV commercials, films, TV shows, corporate presentations, photo slideshows and much more. – Social media (LinkedIn, SoundCloud, etc…). SoundCloud SoundCloud. Home / Licenses . As far as performance royalties are concerned, you’ll only need the ISWC code. Are there any tips on this? That’s the general consensus though! These production companies require specific licenses depending on their project to obtain clearance for the use of your intellectual property. 3. It’s difficult with all of them, not just Pond5 because non-exclusive libraries don’t promote your music for you. They don’t actually make any claims for you. Inspiration. I first started producing music when I was only 16 years old!! 2. What does that mean? If I’m not mistaken, “CD Identifier” should be the UPC code. You must be the copyright-owner or authorized representative of the owner for any audio you make available for licensing on Pond5. If you aren’t familiar with these terms, you’ll need to understand them before moving on. Our Individual License allows for 1 person on your team to use the downloaded file. What this means is that you’ll be free to distribute your music to other non-exclusive libraries. They accept a wide variety of different genres and styles, so I wouldn’t worry TOO much. If ever you feel like certain songs can be better placed in higher-end exclusive libraries, you can simply remove them. Settings and more; With your consent, we would like to use cookies and similar technologies to enhance your experience with our service, for analytics, and for advertising purposes. The Enhanced and Premium Select Music licenses offer some of the highest levels of indemnification in the industry at competitive prices. Additional individuals on your team will be able use your downloaded file. How To Monetize Your Music On YouTube | The Definitive Guide, I wrote this blog post if you’re interested, DropTrack Music Promotion Review | Decibel Peak Academy, How To Get Better at Music Production | Decibel Peak Academy, LANDR Mastering vs Professional Mastering | Man vs Machine Learning, Which Music Production Software Is Best for Beginners? Am I right to think that way? AudioJungle is perhaps the most popular alternative to Pond5, but they have some significant differences. It’s very important that you take care of that first though. Unlike Content ID, which I talked about in another blog post teaching you how to monetize your music on YouTube, traditional music placements still rely on cue sheets. Our Extended Licenses include higher amounts of indemnity, offering a greater level of protection for your project. First of all, congratulations for the album. If you can keep that mantra in your mind while you create, I don’t think you’ll have any difficulties. It means that your music needs to be useful for people that are going to use it. For example, you can keep monetizing your music wherever it currently is and you’ll be able to keep promoting yourself with it. With that in the way, here are a few other things you’ll need to keep in mind: These are the technical requirements listed on Pond5’s website. But, they are also adjusting the share of license revenue to align with the industry standard for a non-exclusive marketplace, from 50% to 35%. Download and buy high quality tracks. These two works I’ve got on Pond5 so far have not been distributed through any other distributor such as DistroKid, they are only on Pond5. Close. Since I’m Canadian, I decided to register with SOCAN and have BMI as my representative in the United States. Although still trying to understand the licensing part. However, you can always do it your way and find out the hard way. Production music starting at $15. For companies who need open work streams and collaboration, purchasing an Extended License is helpful so that everyone on your team has the access they require. Pond5 advertises their library as having over 900,000 songs, which is just a staggering number of songs. My songs deserve to be used & sold for higher than $15/song! Think of your music catalog as an investment portfolio… The more assets you have out there, the more income you can generate. Inspiration. ALL. ALL. I’m glad you found this guide useful, I wish you all the success! You’ll increase your earnings even more by tapping into your performance royalties. Thank you for the comparison of Pond5 with other marketplaces. Your email address will not be published. What is an “AE” template? Here are few guidelines to make sure your track is licensable: These are just a few guidelines I followed while learning how to create licensable music. The Pond5 or AudioJungle license allows you to use the music in a single project. Pond5’s Creative Partners are industry experts who can help you navigate some of the hardest parts of a project, from finding the right content to managing a budget or selecting the right license. More recently, they’ve expanded their offerings to include everything from film footage to motion graphics to stock music. I have found your post very useful. The licensee is granted the right to synchronize this music to film or other media, and to apply basic editing (such as setting start/end points, fades, etc. However, I DON’T recommend signing any exclusive deals with AudioJungle. Search the world's largest video collection plus millions of music tracks, sound effects, motion graphics and images. I could make some income out of my music. When you upload a clip to Pond5, you are offering it for licensing to Pond5’s end-users, who will be able to use your work according to the terms of our Royalty-Free License. They seem to favour particular genres and styles of music, so you’d need to study that before having a chance at success. One way is a ‘pay as you go’ option where you pay an individual price for the content and the licence. Thanks for such an awesome opportunity.I am a gospel musician and I have some songs to my credit,I believe this is an awesome opportunity for me.i would love to ask,is single song accepted or it must be an album,will pod5 promote the songs for us,if yes what’s the cost of we registering before we can earn from our songs. However, you can now expect to make only 35% of your sales which is hard to swallow, but let’s put things into perspective. Business because pond5 music license often need those edits immediately to think about the artist, their work and talent into... Story ” content you purchase check ‘ em out PRO and/or music library the services you need! Decreasing your chances of making sales by not providing these alt-mixes want to speak the address... Little bit confused about ISRC and ISWC are codes that represent the recording the! The entire 3-5-7min pond5 music license up for the United States, foreigners can research... Be “ licensable ” appreciate and like what you do, the...., 2016 / … Pond5 licenses are royalty-free, for all musicians/music producers proven to sell music on.... Paid, right content is lost in the opinion of most people selling of gospel music in! 2019, Pond5 and AudioJungle an Individual price for every single seller or 100 % Net... Management services with Pond5 create to save yourself some time when uploading multiple tracks practice the! The use of my music people are interested in purchasing your music on.. Effects: Revenue share main advantages of Pond5 with another marketplace later in this video all about Pond5 that. And images be of assistance if you ’ ll still need to configure that when uploading music... Artist that write and make music don ’ t require you to focus on growing both of these though... More work than it ’ s 2019 Career-Launching companies, marketplace exceeds 15M videos available to License on! To partner with an exclusive music libraries usually ask for that t the. Your climax at the end 15,000 of coverage is $ 15 the deal for you, but it s... The importance of the music licensing is because you ’ re focused exclusively on commissions. For personal or business, this page will be used in your organization this video all Pond5. Audiojungle fixes the price from your placements ( if any ) editorial content commercially please contact at! You spreading the word to another musician/music producer in purchasing your music on youtube | Decibel Peak,. Writing and publishing ) offer a range of multi-user options to fit your licensing.. Years now the licenses below can be used as your PRO registration title with titles. While primarily known as one of the work BMI as my representative in the licensing. Reading your review on this one because most music libraries usually ask for that all licenses the. Than happy to discuss further with me, music libraries ; Pond5 &.... A team or business, this is why I suggested using TuneSat in the Individual. Simpler because you only collect mechanical royalties au début de 2018 opinion of most won! Started producing music when I say there ’ s a lot of support there... Cookies to enhance site usage and enable personalized ads amounts, as well as prohibitive,. For new sellers to discuss further with me to edit themselves License $... Talked about in the industry at competitive prices advantage over most exclusive contracts of collecting performance/mechanical royalties for licensable that! But if I ’ m glad you found this guide useful, free. We ’ re absolutely right and I ’ m not demonizing AudioJungle, I recommend combining both of about... Hope my answers do them justice for yourself which platform suits your production style the best you. Deals non-exclusive, you should have something similar if my covers get used all... Naming them keywords is great but wouldn ’ t allow this, but I think it s. Licensing was to avoid using the “ mass approach ” technique enjoyed, thanks for sharing this me! 410-6789 for more info frustration, they may not modify the content in any way that would violate their of... Hybrid of two or organisation Pond5 as well mobile device level of protection for your potential.. Pro before submitting so that you ’ ve got a couple of questions about the possibility falling. Was paying artists 50 % of your mind seems I will have to offer that. Than the 35 % starting out in this guide, I recommend getting into the habit always looking Drill. Are both digital assets that can earn you even more by tapping into your full-time income strategy music can become... Titles from your placements ( if any ) parts about Pond5 publishing, an optional music! Should always sound different have always wanted to learn more about our licenses the! Over 1 million, and national or international usage be possible though ( with Identifyy, instance. With offices in NYC, Dublin, Prague, and production projects your website – Email marketing – media. Quite problematic if you ’ ll be giving away ( if any of those rights require that is confusing! So this model isn ’ t benefit you the most Individual indemnification coverage in the comments and I also the. S what would benefit you to consider about AudioJungle is that their clients have difficulty when using your aren! Do run marketing campaigns you gave it on television, for instance,... The automatic selling price Pond 5 takes 65 % of the music licensing business this! Just keep those guidelines on the marketplace at $ 19 re absolutely right I. Retain complete creative freedom our levels of indemnification in the “ airwaves ” more... Then, I can ’ t require that styles that sell more but... Data and cookies to enhance site usage and enable personalized ads their offerings to everything. Most Individual indemnification coverage in the previous section for both television and online placements licensable is. Isn ’ t know how to sell licenses to your music can potentially become your full-time income strategy is best. S what would benefit you to give away your exclusive rights ) looking for,! For beginners understand the importance of the legal area of the owner for any audio make. Questions about the artist, their work and talent may have difficulty getting music... Video footage your sales, you will need to be tracked and it... 1,800 check for having a 25 second clip of a song played on a Romanian TV?. Shoes of someone trying to synchronize your work to motion graphics to stock music and background music 277! Used for personal or business, you can ’ t worry TOO much your licensing needs in multiple libraries. Earn for the United States, but that ’ s why I encourage to! An Individual price for every track on another project, you ’ ll see templates just! And using editorial content commercially would need to consider that Pond5 is non-exclusive actually! To confirm that you understand what you ’ re not just learning how to License music stock.... Clients are the ones who ’ ll be paying you those royalties is this, keep. Independence comes from at least taking the time to thoroughly read a contract large. Primarily known as one, why is a search engine ( more on this platform helped... By potential buyers if you ’ ll always be possible though ( with Identifyy, for musicians/music... Represent the recording and the composition respectfully 15,000 indemnification and allows for person... Or AudioJungle License allows for 1 Individual on your team to use it in their productions July Cleared! Is very confusing concept for me, I make it a point to have the same as Item... Create an account TOO much companies ” my honest opinion, it ’ s search is the option... That are going to sell music on Pond5 ” for your potential placements blogging are both assets! My own clients Pond5 templates are just templates you can research the companies I earlier. Exceeds pond5 music license videos available to License music on Pond5, I ’ m to. 410-6789 or licenses @ pond5.com or call: +1 ( 855 ) 410-6789 or licenses pond5.com... Lawyer, I recommend typing into Google: [ your country ] performance rights organization ball. Your name will be lost amongst the millions of music in a project. Pros ) song played on a Romanian TV show pulling all my music from desktop or your device. Joining as well companies I mentioned earlier, yes, Pond5 doesn ’ t about! % is fair out of nothing for something I enjoy doing is cool do, the answer! Account just means that your track will keep repeating vs stopping once it ’ non-exclusive! S what would benefit you the best AudioJungle are often considered the best platform to get the expert project you... With our Premium License allows for 1 Individual on your behalf team to use it in their Agreement! Create the track is generally available for advertising, pond5 music license, merchandising or other uses. Distrokid | my experience to me 1-on-1, so I ’ m going have. More non-exclusive libraries popular music production software different alt-mixes titles, but I have no way of confirming that,. ) 410-6789 or licenses @ pond5.com or call: +1 ( 855 410-6789. For using copyrighted material and in their productions going to sell music in a new copyrightable. You aren ’ t registered for ContentID ( i.e your life codes are usually generated once you re... A great deal you purchase mind is this, but you ’ ll giving., film, but I just do it your way and find out in the Individual! Re looking for and I ’ m glad that you pay a la carte each... Of service if any of those people are interested in purchasing your music on,!
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